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Trek Bicycle Corporation is a bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager, and Diamant Bikes. The company has previously manufactured bikes under the Gary Fisher, LeMond Racing Cycles, Klein, and Villiger Bikes brand names. With its headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek bicycles are marketed through 1,700 independently owned bicycle shops across North America, subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, South Africa, as well as distributors in 90 countries worldwide. Most Trek bicycles are manufactured outside the United States, in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan and China.

A customer shared, "I bought my first Trek mountain bike from an authorized dealer here in Illinois, I was looking for an entry level mountain bike for recreational use. Was recommended the Trek Marlin 5, it rides really good but this is the first time that I am learning how to use the shifter and I am playing around with shifting and gears a lot on different terrains. on the first 2 rides, the chains disengage while I shifted from high to low on my front derailed during a steep climb. so I decided to bring it back to the dealer for adjustment. He adjusted it and on my third ride I was just pulling off the parking lot shifting my FD from low to high, I heard a sound and the chains were stuck between the frame and the crank ring and it left a big damage on the frame (please see photos). I brought it back to the dealer and they adjusted it again, I don't know what they did but I haven't use it since on a trail, I tried on the road it is shifting but it has an annoying sound every time I hit a bump on the road. Sounds like the chain is too loose. The dealer has been very nice accommodating and fixing the problem, but I just had a bad experience with my first Trek bike purchase."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Trek is intent upon growing business at any cost! Customers are a commodity. Employees seem to be as well."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"0. Extremely low salaries 1. White Male-dominated culture where women and people of color's perspectives are undervalued or disregarded. 2. Blatant lack of diversity; Less than 1% of their Corporate workforce is African American. Yet, during my tenure Trek initiated campaigns to directly market to African Americans. For example, Black Girls Do Bike Podcasts, Including African American models in their catalogs, blogging about Bo Jackson as a deliberate means to market their overpriced p1 bikes Trek markets itself as a company that fosters diversity. However, this could not be further from the truth. Their marketing is misleading and is solely intended to boost their profitability. 3. There are very few women in leadership roles. Of those in leadership, I noticed far more demotions/layoffs than promotions. Yet, during my tenure Trek initiated research and campaigns to directly market to Women. For example, Including more women models in their catalogs as well as in their social campaigns. Once again, Trek's motivation was profitability rather than a genuine concern for the upward mobility of women within the organization. 4. Lack of technical vision and execution 5. Expending excessive time, money and resources on dead-end projects 6. Failure to execute value-added projects/initiatives to completion 7. Free beer; hindering productivity 8. Budgets are constantly cut 9. Remote workers are undervalued 10. Incompetent/illiterate management and leadership 11. Management 'inner-circle' has little respect for their direct reports. Management meetings discourse often portrayed them as imbeciles. 12. Great Places To Work IT Web Technology results had as ~ 20 point reduction from 2018 to 2019 13. Lack of communication and transparency 14. No annual raises 15. Group think mentality; diversity of though and perspectives is discouraged 16. On sites employees receive better benefits clinics access; birthday celebrations ect."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no found everything is good"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Low or no opportunity for advancement Unless you’re well-connected"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Very little time for lunch let alone training other than website and that is expected to be performed on your own time. No quality control on bicycle building or repairs, reports of wheels falling off and handlebars giving way. Not at all the consistent with the image the company projects."

Current Employee - Accountant says

"Management does a poor job of training. Hands on training is much more effective for me. Shadowing is not effective training."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Management constantly tells you if you work hard you'll be recognized but that isn't true. If you're not in "the club" you'll be constantly overlooked. If seen so many people put in amazing work and then leave because of how there were treated. Trek switch to "performance based reviews and merit raises" a few years ago so they could stop giving regular merit raises. When you finally get one, it amounts to less than you would have gotten if you had just gotten 2% every year, but they get to make a big deal about it that way. Pay is far below Madison averages and benefits are not competitive. Also do not care about developing employees. Literal quote from the CEO about their Great Places to Work Score "Do you want to know how to raise your score? Fire all the unhappy people!" They consistently score low on compensation and benefits and refuse to address it - they spend all their time focusing on where they scored well but will never talk about how they can improve where they did poorly."

Former Employee - Office Worker says

"Leadership tries to act like the cool kids in school instead of like compassionate, servant leaders. They will stab you in the back as quickly as they pretend to be your friend. Don't listen and only look after themselves or those in the clich. Childish. CFO actually runs the company not the CEO and he is worst of all. Do as I say not as I do. Immature, rude, petty, and ruthless. There are multiple rumors around about affairs between top leadership. So glad I'm gone. My boss had no idea what I was doing and only cared about herself. Selfish and arrogant!! RUN AWAY..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work life balance, double standard, elitist mentality, zero accountability from upper management and the decision makers from corporate. This review would have stayed internally within the company had an exit interview been given, however because Trek Bicycle feels that they do not need to reach out and inquire about things that went wrong, ask for words of advice, questions about leaving, etc shows how disconnected they really are about providing a "Great Place to Work". They are more concerned about showing the polished diamond of working for their company without acknowledging the mountain of crap that needs to change internally. Investments, something Trek has a hard time doing for their retail employees. When you are staffing your stores at 2 people throughout the day and you have countless amounts of customers leaving because they can't get helped it has a negative effect, who knew? The store is held accountable, not upper management who decided it was a good idea to staff a skeleton crew. And when you have an internal service team coming out to visit stores asking "where is all your staff?" and then saying that every store is like that? Is that sustainable? But don't worry, you'll then be asked to hold off on ordering items for your replenishment to the store on Mondays because management doesn't want to stress out of the warehouse workers due to overwhelming amounts of orders. But then that store is held accountable for not having product on the walls. Trek is oblivious to what works in stores and can't invest into figuring out what works and what doesn't. The decisions seem to all come from the same people in HQ who have been with the company for years and are a part of the "Inner Circle". Listen to your retail employees because that's where good ideas are birthed. Trek is afraid to spend money in the areas you need to, employees. When you treat employees like "family" amazing things can happen. There are many issues to talk about and one that rings very clearly is the management in the retail sector. This group of individuals operate with the elitist mentality, well obviously they all have worked with trek for 5+ years so of course their way is the correct way of doing things. Maybe when you were just a dealer and selling to individual shops but when you own retail stores its very different. Don't think you know everything because you've been in the industry for so long. Maybe they are just realizing that operating a store and all the costs that come attached with that are costing a lot of money and they didn't properly budget for it. Speaking of budgets, don't expect your budget to be anywhere close to perfect nor have any changes made due to somebodies negligence to properly budget for something but then you take the heat for it. Turnover is a sad reality for Trek and it's no surprise because they do nothing to keep good employees and have no retention plans or any sort of growth for development. Working for Trek may seem like a dream come true and it may be for a few months, however don't be fooled. This is a very dysfunctional work environment that operates impulsively, can't own their own mistakes, rather cut savings instead of investing in resources to do the job better, puts employees in a fear mindset, instability in directive. I do not recommend working for Trek."

Former Employee - Retail Accountant says

"1. As a retail accountant, you will utilize a database which nobody fully understands on an accounting level. 2. For most, the workload is completely unreasonable. Working 50 hours/week is not enough to consistently produce quality work and hit deadlines. 3. Management steals ideas from their employees and takes credit with the higher ups. 4. Management does not value the strongest and most knowledgeable people on their team. 5. Turnover is high- this speaks for itself. 6. Unhappy and burnt out Retail Accountants are told they need to “be more positive” and “more approachable “ - and then are offered raises or promotions. 7. Management’s only true focus is revenue growth. They do not care (or fully understand the qualities of) accurate financials, customer service, and employee wellness."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"They lack professional management , they play favoritisms. If u speak how u feel it will just get you fired for being honest. They never have no on site managers there . They pretty much leave all employees by their self or management will all leave before shift and just the employees get stuck working til closing. The two managers running the company are never there for support . You can never go talk to them about a problem or issue . Management and team leads are not professional!!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No effort to team build, only an effort to scapegoat as an outlet for the insecurities of half-baked management who is not a great fit on any way for this caliber of retail. The selfisness of this corporate culture of self-preservation does not foster a "team," it is a joke.You are expendable to the point of a gas station employee when the job there is comission-less specialty retail that is extremely nuanced. As if you can just take a Joe off the street and throw them into the place because you like their haircut, they like the same sports teams as you, and you both chew gum. Sounds like a plan to Trek.We were told to be more like Panera, and not take too long with customers at all. Then we are told we are being too short. Always saying one thing and doing another does not inspire confidence in a team.Actually, it shows clearly that Trek is not really interested in customer service due to under-staffing which got extremely bad making the pandemic even worse when applications were rolling in and payroll absolutely endless. Incompetent managers are put in place who have never even been in the bike industry and exacerbate the problems they failed to address before the COVID for instance. New stores are left hanging for months on end without leadership, but if a screen says sales are up today, and no matter what the reason for that is, like lets say, the season, nothing else matters. No goals, no plans, only manger reputation and fear. Under-staffing and failure to properly equip the store with working computers and thier supplies for gratuitus amounts of time further shows"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"While working at trek I came to realize there was no opportunities for me to advance in my career. They had us working crazy hours that were very unnecessary. Management was very poor. They always took sides, including when it came to their family members."

Picker/Packer/Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work if you are a puppet. Worked there for 10 years and got let go because there was a new sheriff in town. Management could care less about you or who you are. Hire a bunch of seasonal people for the busy months, normally college or high school kids, who don't even want to work or be there. Mommy and Daddy made them get a job for the summer. Very hot during the summer (NO AC) and very cold during the winter (but chances are they will lay you off by then because its slow). Heavy lifting. Don't plan on working here long. HUGE turn around.DiscountsSee below"

Enoloyee (Current Employee) says

"Management was caught using funds for personal use which is theft nothing was done Alcohol was being used by a supervisor on a daily basis in building you colud smell it and the supervisor even passed out at work nothing was done Another supervisor was late everyday and slept in his car do to alcohol use was friends with head of building so nothing was done Hiring decisions are strongly based on race age and gender Low pay rate 10 dollars an hour with as little as a 1% pay raise per year No advancement opportunity Very disgruntle employees but they will not say anything for fear of being firedGood luck finding anyToo many to list"

employe (Current Employee) says

"management is abusive towards individuals they do not like No job security No growth possibility dead end job Usually hires for summer lets you go in fall Pay raises are 1-2% if at all Do not hire full time to avoid having to pay benefits Negative atmosphere Verbally abusive managers and supervisors use profanity towards employees Brutually hot in summer and very cold in winter Lacking in communication Schedule changes based on needs no business no hours Punish employees who make mistakes by cutting hours Favoritism is rampant management does not understand the daily procedures and causes issues do to lack of understanding Strongly recommend you avoid this placeNonetoo many to list"

Warehouse op (Former Employee) says

"Total lack of management and supervision.Mangers watch telly on their computers all day and surf the internet they never leave the office to communicate with staff.The supervisors don't tell any one to do anything at all, if the warehouse staff didn't know there jobs inside out nothing would get done. I would never work for this company again or recommend it to anyone.Changes get made to suit management and supervisors but nothing is done to help the staff. 12 warehouse staff have left in the last 3 years on average one every 3 months and more are looking to leave .Loads of petty changes get made IE rotas for example, these are put in place because the supervisors don't supervise.There is a rota for truck driving a rota for picking bikes even a rota for the bench you have to work on.Take my advice think very carefully before you apply.Noneeverything"

Retail Accountant (Former Employee) says

"They do a poor job training they do not give constructive criticism to help you improve. Firing is their preferred answer to any request for help. After I left, I was interviewing at other employers. At 2 of the 3 face to face interviews I had, the other companies had all heard of “the Trek way”. Thayer expect you to work a lot of hours."

Warehouse slave (Current Employee) says

"Poor management and no supervision low pay and poor treatment of warehouse staff.just being there"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Poor wages Poor management Only good for a stop gap Or near retirement If your a yes man the bosses think your great even if you cant do the job Bonus system is a joke you can get paid more for not doing the overtime"

Order Filler/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Empty promises before u start and slowly see the truth. Management plays favorites even though they say no. Keep telling employees to speak up,but will only get u singled out and eventually fired by a bogus reason. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO PASS THIS PLACE. HIGH ON FAVORITES,AND VERY DISORGANIZED MANAGER(S)"

Warehouse Associate/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Managment is very unprofesional and place favoritizame. Did not recieve raise dispite having some of the highest performance number in the whole warehouseBenefit health and 401kNot enough pay."

Marketing Intern (Former Employee) says

"Stuck in the heart of redneck country, expect to rub elbows with guys who have confederate flag stickers on their trucks and a scary underground religious HR department, and snotty tech dorks who wear spandex at work and talk about their biking speeds all day. Barf. Food is bad and the place is a prison with nothing nearby but a terrifying, rotted small town. Oh and Trek hasn't paid a dime in taxes to the state for decades. One wonders what Waterloo, Wisconsin would look like if all those dodged taxes had been invested there. Take a drive through it to see what Trek and like-minded corporate swine have done to your country. These guys run a bizarre hospital out of a trailer where they take your BMI and charge you an extra 1500 dollars a year if you aren't 'in shape'. I'm a non-smoking 5'7"ft. 160 lb. man, fit as a fiddle, and I was told I'd be paying more. The 'story' is that the owner cares so much about his employees he wants them to be healthy. The truth is some truck driver had a heart attack and cost the company a ton of money and now they instituted their questionably moral and ethical policy of charging folks differently for insurance. They do their best to make it seem like an interesting place but it's actually kind of depressing and isolated in terms of work environment.NoneDeliverance-type co-workers from rural Wisconsin"

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"mandatory overtime without compensation, incompetent people in charge, older age people unwanted in company, expected to travel for company without compensation, they want feedback but you are punished for honestynonesee above"

former retail employee (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for, they come off sounding all wonderful, then you find out how many hours youre really giving them, its not a family, its a cult, join Scientology instead, if you sleep with your bike youll love it here, theres no work/life balancedecent payeverything else"

Retail Bookkeeper (Former Employee) says

"Even after I told them in my interview that I wanted very specifically a 40-hour work week, I found out later they expected me to completely live and die for Trek Bicycle Corporation. NO work/life balance whatsoever. The workload was actually 60 plus hours per week and that is why they encourage working from home and give you your own laptop. Not as a perk but as a way to get more time and work out of you, they still expect you to be in the office for work at least 4 days per week; yeah you can also work from home one day per week...and work from home on weekends just to keep up. They load you up with retail clients way beyond anything reasonable for the average person, knowing you will work long hours nights and weekends to keep your job. It's stressful and there was very little training. You are on your own to try to figure everything out, really. The only good thing about working here was the cycling culture and the deep discounts you get on gear. Otherwise, it is not the place for you if you want to have a single moment of time with your family and/or have any social life outside of the company.Culture, discounts, employee social eventsUnmanageable workload, management expectations unreasonable"

Parts Picker (Former Employee) says

"It's a great job for young people. Not for people who have bills and priorities and want to be treated with respect. It is not a good job to be sweating like a pig in the back of a semi trailer and no fans. Picture a warehouse as big as a stadium with no fans or airflow. Disrespectful those working conditions were and they hired all kids around 18 to 26."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"No room for advancement, favoritism, raises by the cent and in the middle of the year rather than the very beginning of the year, unfair pay, management is very unfair in their decision making, no bonuses ever."

Assistente Financeiro (Former Employee) says

"E uma empresa multinacional, que tem ótimos benefícios, que sempre ajudam os funcionário e não tenha nada a reclamar e sim so de agradecer ."

temp employee (Former Employee) says

"This is a poorly run cafe with poor communication among staff. There is a lot of conflicting information between staff in the cafe itself. They don't treat new employees with respect. They are not welcoming to new employees. They do not value diversity. I would NOT suggest applying for this job. They expect too much. The register is very complicated, more than it needs to be. Even experienced baristas would agree that it is way more complicated than it needs to be. This department is not an EEOE, particularly with temp employees. It is very hard to find work these days and they should be knowledgeable regarding that. Do not apply for this position unless you want to be treated poorly.poor communication, unrealistic expectations, everything mentioned in the review"

Sheena Aye Sulong says

"NEVER BUY FROM TREK BICYCLES. THEY EITHER GIVE YOU SOMETHING WITH DEFECT OR THE WHEEL QUALITY IS JUST COMPLETELY AWFUL. If I could give ZERO star I would. I bought a Marlin 5 and 2 days after I got the bike I had a small (very minimal) accident causing me to fall from the bike. Then I noticed the front wheel was bend. Took it to the bike shop and they tried to fix it yet they couldn’t as they said it was badly damaged (which was very surprising because it was supposed to withstand such minimal impact if the quality of the wheel is what they say it is.) and I will have to buy a new wheel. Worse part is it wasn’t covered on their ‘WARRANTY POLICY’. So do yourself a favor and get something else. Never make the same mistake as I did as they seem to talk BULL**** with their warranty coverage and will most likely just rip you off your buck."

Consumer says

"Despite what Trek try's to make everyone believe, Warranty is their last priority. In 2019 I purchased my most recent Madone - "Project One". Yes, I was an idiot to pay $12k and boy do i regret it now!! While washing the bike in June of 2020 I noticed a major crack in the "highly promoted, highest grade OCLV 700 series Carbon Frame. Yes, They agreed it was a manufacturing defect and agreed to replace it at no cost. The catch is it will take them approximately 75 days to complete the work. in 58 years I have never waited 75 days for any warranty work to be completed. In Colorado that is nearly the entire summer. How is it that the world famous TREK does not have a single Madone Frame available that can be painted and replaced in a reasonable amount of time? obviously it is not their Priority. They are also very good at making it difficult to get in touch with. Try their customer service line, minimum one hour wait time to talk with someone. No way to email them or chat online. They put all the responsibility on their dealers and then tie their hands. Pathetic example of what used to be a great company. My advice, don't take the chance, there are too many way better companies to buy from."

P.F Sugia says

"I ordered an expensive mountain bike helmet from First, it took 3 days to get a confirmation email. Then I waited for 3 weeks to receive it. Finally, out of frustration, I called their 800 number and was told by their phone recording, it would take 30 minutes for them to answer. So I waited, and when someone finally picked up 30 minutes later, and I explained that I had not yet received my helmet after ordering it 3 weeks ago, they told me it has been discontinued. Their only explanation was that their computer must have lost my order when the helmet was discontinued. So when exactly were they going to tell me? Never? At the time I ordered this, they supposedly had at least one, or it should not have been for sale online. At the time of ordering, other places had this same helmet, and now they don't. I now am forced to buy a helmet that is $30 more expensive. DO NOT BUY from this company. Their customer service sucks."

최우석 says

"Don't trust their One-year Free Guarentee when you buy a trek bike. You have to pay for repairing a natuarally occurring problem, that happens frequently. More terrible thing. Don't trust their reponse for your review. They said they would refund, that is not requested by me. But nothing happened, just I spent my time and energy for following their words."

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